[K12OSN] I am the Teachertool Author...

Luis Montes luis.montes at cox.net
Tue Feb 22 15:17:28 UTC 2005

doing a "yum install TeacherTool" got it for me on k12ltsp 1.1.1


This a cool script. Hardly a hack. It solves alot of problems for ltsp 

I was about to write something similar until I came accross this. 
Looking at your code, I think my solution would have been way over 
engineered. (was thinking SOAP/tomcat server with java gui front end)

The only stuff I'd add to it is the use of the ltspinfo & ltspinfod that 
came with 4.x to remotely reboot or shutdown a client.
You could aslo use it to probe remote kernel things in the /proc files 
system for client hardware info.

Here's a screenshot of my changes 


ddaniels at magic.fr wrote:

> I've been reading about TeacherTool on this list but I'm not sure 
> where to get a copy to test it out... is this it?
> http://homepage.mac.com/teast/
> best!
> Dennis
> Robert Melton wrote:
>> Hi--
>>        I recently got word that some people are actually using
>> TeacherTool -- for those of you who are, let me say "I am sorry" -- it
>> was a quick hack of an app built for a friend.  If there is some
>> interest in it -- I will pick it back up and improve it -- I got some
>> ideas for it -- just didn't know if there was any interest.
>>        I am wondering what the current state of it is -- how much
>> work has been done on it -- any interesting fixes and hacks, please
>> mail them to me -- I will tie together a central repo for it.  Let me
>> know.
>> --Robert Melton
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