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>On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Nakashima wrote:

>have you ever seen sexually explicit text sites,  I haven't if they exist
>and I would not doubt that they do, they are pretty rare.

No, they are not rare, just not as common as they used to be ten years ago before the internet became popular. They are called erotic short stories, etc. A quick search of almost any general purpose newsgroup archive will locate plenty of examples. Dansguardian is an ideal tool to dynamically detect this type of information. And for the person that wanted to 'double up' on filtering by using both Dansguardian and squidGuard, that is a silly idea. Dansguardian can be configured to use the same blacklist as squidGuard, so there is no point at all to doing it. The side effect would be to make your server do twice as much work to arrive at the same answer. Now, that said, Dansguardian and squidGuard do not have a 100 percent overlap in functionality. So, if you find that you need some features from both products, you could certainly run both at the same time. But if I were going to do that, I would configure each so that they were not duplicating each others work. For instance, you could have Dansguardian do all the filtering, both blacklist checking and dynamic processing of all other web traffic, while squidGuard would be used for things like blocking arbitrary networks from internet access after school hours (Which Dansguardian cannot do at this time). Of course, the licensing requirements for Dansguardian may not fit your situation, but it should be adequate for most educational institutions.

Sean Harbour
sharbours at nwresd.k12.or.us
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