[K12OSN] What antivirus software is being used on K12

Eric Brown ericbrown at mi-spot.com
Tue Feb 22 23:56:49 UTC 2005

Here's part of the beauty with Linux, you don't need anti-virus.


One of the biggest differences between Windows and Linux is that Linux is
incredibly strict with it's file permissions, and it won't let programs run
or install without explicit authority.


Unless you install and run malicious code as root, you will have a difficult
time getting infected.  You will also find that there are far fewer pop-ups,
and virtually no spy ware as well.  Most spy-ware and viruses are written
for windows because it will let nearly anything run.


I'm sure there are others here who might be able to explain better, but till
then, I wouldn't worry too much about it.




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I have been watching the K12 discussion for some months and have found the
discussions very informative.  Thanks to everyone who contributes.  I have
learnt a lot and am very excited about the software and its use.  I have it
installed in a small 6 user test environment and was wondering what anti
virus software is being used with this operating system.


I am using the Fedora core 3 version of the software and would appreciate
any suggestions and assistance in setting up an antivirus solution with the



Raimond Donk

raimond at pc7.co.nz


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