[K12OSN] LTSP on PPC version of Ubuntu

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Feb 23 03:11:47 UTC 2005

> Dude!  You have LTSP server running on Ubuntu on a Mac?  This is so 
> cool! I need you to document it all so I can duplicate....I'm 
> teaching a class until Friday and would love to demo this.  I have a 
> lot of folks here asking about this....they're looking to set up a 
> tri-platform scenario in the conference center that I'm teaching it 
> and this is how they can do it.
>  (plus I love Ubuntu)  Hopefully Jim can fill us in on how things 
> went with the Ubuntu folks...   :-)

Actually it was much easier to start with a base OS and just go for LTSP 
instead of k12ltsp.  When I used k12ltsp on top of YellowDog I had tried to 
throw k12 on it and ran into a bunch of problems with i386 based 
architectures.  The straight ltsp 4.1 seems to use all non-architecture 
based files.  For starters use the instructions here 
for the Ubuntu specific stuff and then install ltsp as normal on top.  When 
everything is installed run ltspadmin and ltspcfg.  I am working right now 
to see if I can get sound to the clients on i386, then will work for sound 
on ppc (right now I just get different static tones :-).  When I get that 
done I'll throw out any documentation for setup.  I also slammed in the 
custom dhcp.conf from k12ltsp with ppc support instead of the default ltsp 
generated one.  But for the most part ltsp seems to install on top of a ppc 
distro about the same as on a i386.  

I still don't know what programs to run from a ppc server or why I would 
want to do so, but hey, why not :-)  A lot of the programs with k12ltsp have 
i386 dependancies.

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