[K12OSN] one more time

Sharon Betts sbetts at msad71.net
Wed Feb 23 15:55:42 UTC 2005

I tried to ask this previously, but wasn't clear, I guess.
Is there anyway to incorporate LTSP into an existing Windows 2000 / 2003
network?  I have a Windows network with  DHCP, authentication/file and
terminal servers running.  I would like to add an LTSP to the network --
but HOW?   The clients need to access every resource -- they are all local
bootable clients (no true thin clients booting from the server).  

>From all we have read, LTSP doesn't play nice in this situation.  At this
time, I cannot begin to change the entire network for LDAP.  Just not
feasible with the number of workstations and users.

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