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Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Wed Feb 23 16:36:36 UTC 2005

Please elaborate on what you're trying to do.  It's not clear to me what 
you want to accomplish.  If all your clients boot from their local 
drives, what's the point of the terminal server?  Actually, the real 
question is the other way around: since you can have the clients boot 
from an LTSP server, why even bother having a locally-installed OS on 
the clients?  Or are these Windows boxes that need to remain so, but you 
want to use a boot-floppy for those times when you want them to be 

I think the simplest approach would be to start by building a two-NIC 
LTSP server, with one NIC connected to a switch that only has terminal 
clients attached to it, and the other NIC connected to your existing 
network.  This is the default configuration for LTSP.  This way, the 
DHCP server on the LTSP server only provides IPs to the clients, not 
other workstations, and it doesn't bother the rest of your existing 

Are you trying to provide additional workstations for users but have 
them all have access to the existing Windows resources?


Sharon Betts wrote:
> I tried to ask this previously, but wasn't clear, I guess.
> Is there anyway to incorporate LTSP into an existing Windows 2000 / 2003
> network?  I have a Windows network with  DHCP, authentication/file and
> terminal servers running.  I would like to add an LTSP to the network --
> but HOW?   The clients need to access every resource -- they are all local
> bootable clients (no true thin clients booting from the server).  
>>From all we have read, LTSP doesn't play nice in this situation.  At this
> time, I cannot begin to change the entire network for LDAP.  Just not
> feasible with the number of workstations and users.
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