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Nathan Sinton nsinton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 18:04:12 UTC 2005

Just to clarify, you have linux clients and a windows server and you
need the clients to be able to log on to the windows server and access
file shares, printers, etc...  Right?

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 11:54:26 -0600, Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> wrote:
> > I tried to ask this previously, but wasn't clear, I guess.
> > Is there anyway to incorporate LTSP into an existing Windows
> > 2000 / 2003 network?  I have a Windows network with  DHCP,
> > authentication/file and terminal servers running.  I would
> > like to add an LTSP to the network --
> > but HOW?   The clients need to access every resource -- they
> > are all local
> > bootable clients (no true thin clients booting from the server).
> I too am a little confused as to what you want.  I read this as you have
> an existing all windows network.  You don't want to change anything with
> the Windows setup.  But you want to add a LTSP server to the existing
> network and then either boot the current Windows machines via a boot
> floppy (or some other means) to the ltsp server when needed, and then be
> able to reboot back to a full local install of windows when needed.  Or
> do you mean you want to connect to the ltsp server from a windows
> desktop?
> If the first assumption is correct I think you just need to build a
> single NIC install of ltsp.  Set DHCP to run on an alternative port.
> Then set your boot floppys or whatever to get dhcp from the alternate
> port.  I would think you could setup a custom boot loader on the local
> installations that would give you a menu to choose boot Windows or LTSP,
> then not mess with any boot disks.  I am pretty sure I have seen this
> done before.  I think that would be your most seamless option.
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