[K12OSN] Dhcp problem still....

John T. Leonard johnny at msad41.us
Wed Feb 23 18:32:48 UTC 2005

Quoting Nathan Sinton <nsinton at gmail.com>:

> when you replaced the NIC's did redhat's hardware detection tool "kudzu"
> run?
Well Nathan and Chuck....right now I'm on somewhere around try number 10 million
:-( Yes...kudzu runs most of the time during these changes...I delete the old
configurations and configure the new ones but the settings on the network tab
don't always correspond with the additions and subtractions! I'm at my wits end
and getting ready to do a fresh install I think...just got to check the wiki and
see how to get the home dirs onto another location temporarily......this is
beginning to look like a 'beer and pizza' operation!! I'll keep you posted...the
funny thing is that when both cards are in, ifconfig looks fine with no errors
or drops or anything....I'm going to give it one more go around and then I'm
giving up and doing a new install.....J

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