[K12OSN] Update rather than install??

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 24 00:34:05 UTC 2005

Hi Les,

I got you message just as I was sitting down to check my rsyncs on another 
back-up server.  So I thought I should give more push to a clean up my mixed 
up apt sources/dependency troubles and see if I could get up2date going.  
Ten minutes later up2date was running, 20 minutes later cups came in with 40 
or more other packages and the new 766 kernel.

Mozilla and Firefox now print without closing for some users.  Others can't, 
so it must be something corrupted (during all of our network 
disconnectivity) in users' home folders.  I need to check out a few more 
things tomorrow, but it looks like I'm back in action.

Thanks again.  I don't have any extra time to maintain our network of 200 
boxes and pile of servers so after my full course load, yearbook, computer 
club, school newsletters, etc- I just can't slow down to think sometimes 
before doing something rash...

The point of updates (in the RH/fedora scheme) is that they *fix
problems in the base release*...  If you re-install you'll still
have the old bugs until you do a yum or apt update.  In general,
rpm updates don't overwrite your old configss at all, although in
certain circumstances (like a syntax change addition of new options)
a new default config will be install and your old one saved with
an extension of .rpmsave.

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