[K12OSN] More details on sound

George Bredberg jojebo68 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 24 08:48:37 UTC 2005


Now I'm trying to make esd working on the terminals.
Have the settings as I described in last mail and if I use the "program" 
"settings" "more settings" "selector for multimedia system" (translating the 
program menu from swedish so I hope you understand what I mean) and choose 
esd and hit the "test" button I get sound!
But not when trying to use Real Player or anything else. Not even the mixer 
can start..
While booting the terminals it starts the soundserver and tells me it's 
waiting for connection on port 16001 as expected. Then it tells med the 
/dev/dsp is busy
That has to be the problem. But how do I make it "unbusy"? What is the 
problem when I get a message like that?

Regards   /G

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