[K12OSN] Have static IP - now how to setup intranet access?

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Fri Feb 25 02:04:55 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone, Thanks for the info, I'm beginning to piece together what I need to
do, but a lot is still fuzzy as I'm not familiar with the technical terms &
jargon. So here is a whole heap of info and a graphic to illustrate our setup
at school.

MODEM/ROUTER -----------------------

with the following tabs on the web GUI -
-Static Routing

(DHCP is set to off as K12ltsp does all this)
pppoa  	 	61.9.218.xxx/32  	Auto  	 	pat
eth0 		169.254.xxx.xx/16 	Auto 		none
eth0 		User 		none
loop 		Auto 		none

I know that 61.9.218.xxx is our static IP
(PS - I don't know how sensitive this info is - if at all - which is why I've
replaced the last digits)

Under NAT:
Default server address is
(Is this what I need to change? I don't know where/what is.)

There's plenty more info which I can provide if it'll help.

PROXY SERVER --------------------------
K12ltsp box @ used for DansGuardian & squid as Proxy server
This will be where I hope to one day host our website. But priority at the
moment lies in getting teachers home access to the intranet which is on the
next box...

TERMINAL & FILE SERVER & INTRANET --------------------------
K12ltsp box @ used as file server (thanks to samba) & thin client
server & apache server (Our Intranet)

Now as for changing settings etc... If that needs to be done on either of the
k12 boxes I use webmin, or follow step by step instructions on command prompt.
I couldn't find a port forwarding section on the router's GUI. Went to webmin's
networking section and am not sure what to do here either (if anything).

Yes, you're working with a dumb-nut, but a persistent one who has solved techie
problems in the past and is sure she'll get this one figured out too. With some
(understatement) help of course...

Thanks again for the help so far,



Quoting Petre Scheie <petre at maltzen.net>:

> > But when I type in this new IP into my browser, how do I get it to go to
> our
> > local k12/apache server ( in Biloela? (The main reason for
> > wanting this, besides being able to host our own website, is that teachers
> want
> > to be able to access our intranet from home)
> This is controlled by your firewall/router.  Look for a 'port
> forwarding' section in the configuration.  What you want is for requests
> the router receives from the Internet sent to port 80 (or better, 443)
> to be forwarded to the address of your intranet server.
> If your intranet contains any sensitive/private information, anything
> where people need an ID and password to access, you really should use
> https, certificates and port 443.  Port 80 is all clear text and not
> secure.  If it's all public info and you don't care who can get to it,
> then you don't have to worry.  But if you're talking about student
> records, you need to go the secure route.
> One other suggestion: run your web server on a different box than your
> LTSP server.  That way you can expose the webserver to the world without
> exposing the terminal server, which is not as tightly locked down by
> definition.
> Petre

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