[K12OSN] novell client for linux

Daniel Hedblom daniel.hedblom at skola.solleftea.se
Fri Feb 25 09:07:18 UTC 2005


The client does work but demands that you have made everything right down to the
letter. A good way of finding out where it fails is to use these commands.

tail -f /var/log/secure

ping name-of-netware-server


Tail gives you a realtime scrolling output from pam so you can see what fails in
the login process.

You ping the server with its name since you use the name in the pam conf. If it
doesnt resolve you wont be able to login. This is if you use pure IP and not IPX.

slist gives you a list of the servers on the network reachable by ipx if thats
what you use.



Citerar Burt Carter <bcarter at jchs.com>:

> Has anyone used the linux novell client successfully.  I am working with
> the pam authentication that a few people posted here, but it does not
> seem to be working.  I wonder if installing the novell client will
> resolve issues with the setup.
> Thanks,
> Burt Carter
> Technology Coordinator

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