[K12OSN] Have static IP - now how to setup intranet access?

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Sat Feb 26 04:09:35 UTC 2005

Sudev Barar wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-02-25 at 07:34, Debbie Schiel wrote:
>>Hi Everyone, Thanks for the info, I'm beginning to piece together what I need to
>>do, but a lot is still fuzzy as I'm not familiar with the technical terms &
>>jargon. So here is a whole heap of info and a graphic to illustrate our setup
>>at school.
>>From your diagram it seems that K12 box is already setup properly as it
> is using eth1 to work with router and gateway. So outward traffic is not
> a problem.
>>MODEM/ROUTER -----------------------
> Here you have to set up NAT.
> You have to do IP:port pairing for all services that wish to allow
> inwards. Petres previous post is the guide here.
Hi again

I tried out dyndns.org last night from home as suggested by Petre Scheie 
and it all worked ok from my laptop via a dialup modem. So I'm trying 
the same thing with the static IP here at school, but of course the 
setup is not the same as home.

Our static IP is and using dyndns.org I've attached it to
redeemer.homelinux.com as a test.

I then tried our modem router GUI again and the numbers are slowly 
starting to make sense. So I had a go at the IP route table adding the 
second 2 entries you see (ip-address-route2.gif):                                 
(which way is correct?)
All the other entries on the table were already there, I didn't add them.

I also went to the NAT settings (napt-settings.gif) and changed the
unspecified Outside IP to the static IP.

Below are the webmin network interface details...

Interfaces Active Now
Name         Type         IP Address         Netmask         Status
eth0         Ethernet         Up
eth1         Ethernet         Up
lo         Loopback         Up

And also after reading what Les wrote:
"That is, if your k12ltsp server or
clients on the inside network resolve the site name to the public
address and send the packet to the router, it probably won't NAT it back
the same way as if it came from the outside."

... Does this mean that I might get the intranet accessible from the 
outside the school but not know about it unless I actually was outside? still doesn't go to I have now 
tried it from outside (at home) and the broswer says connection refused.

Any pointers as to what to try now?



ps - as a newbie I'm not sure if sending images to the list is an OK 
thing to do, so please let me know either way.
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