[K12OSN] Logging into windows XP machines using same login as K12LTSP

Paul Satherley pauls at tclcommunications.co.nz
Sat Feb 26 20:28:16 UTC 2005

Krsnendu dasa wrote:

>A little background:
>Here in New Zealand I have been using K12LTSP on recycled computers for
>about six months now and it is great. I am using an AMD 2500XP desktop with
>1MB RAM and 120GB SATA HD as the server. We have a small school of 50 (but
>growing). So far we have had 8 clients running, but we are looking at having
>up to 20 clients (5 per classroom).
>Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to get some essential windows
>apps(e.g. Macromedia Director based multimedia CDs distributed by our
>Ministry of Education, and some educational software) running using it. 
>I would have liked to run everything from one server to simplify
>administration, but I haven't managed to work that out yet. I tried using
>crossover office, unsuccessfully. I have considered Windows Server 2003 (we
>get it for almost nothing as a school), but I am not sure if the sound works
>properly using rdesktop and LTSP.
>I am also considering Win4Lin, but I have not had time to test it yet. Once
>again it is sound (and shockwave) that are the key issues. If anyone has any
>experience using any of these solutions I would appreciate you comments.
>As an immediate solution, I decided to put one windows XP workstation in
>each classroom. It seems like the easiest solution, as we have the school
>inspectors coming in a month's time, and as a teacher I don't have much time
>to work on computer systems right now.
>Specific task at hand:
>I would like the kids to be able to log on to Windows XP machines with the
>same password as the one they use for K12LTSP. The "my documents" folder
>would be set to their home directory on K12LTSP. In this way they will be
>saving all their files to the same place. (I do not want any files saved on
>the local hard drive of the windows computer.)
>1. How do I set up user accounts for both WinXP and K12LTSP without having
>to manually enter them twice?
>2. When I map the homes directory using Samba, will all the .directories be
>visible. If so how do I hide them? (When I accessed my home directory from
>my WinXP laptop I had this problem but I think it is because the file
>manager is set to "Show hidden files."
>4. Will I need to use roaming profiles to map the "my documents" share?
>3. Will I have to set up the network as a domain now, or will it still be
>okay to use a workgroup as it is now? Which is better for this purpose?
>1. I am running K12LTSP with only one NIC. It seems to make samba easier to
>use. I had a lot of problems trying to get it to work properly when I was
>using 2 NICs. All the computers at the school are on the same subnet.
>2. I also have 4 teachers laptops and 1 office desktop. These computers
>would save most of their work locally, but shared files would be on the
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