[K12OSN] Installing using disk image WinXP pro

Walker, Clay clay at bridgeportisd.net
Sat Feb 26 22:31:38 UTC 2005

Sysprep is your best bet but if I recall, you have to have a volume licensed CD to install XP because of the registration issues.  And with MS's new "checks" for pirated software, you may have issues updating the imaged machines.   
Good luck.


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> Specific task at hand:
> I would like to install WindowsXP incl. updates, antivirus
> and other essential programs on one computer, then copy the
> image of the hard drive to the other machine.
> Options:
> 1.Use Norton ghost, copy image to network share then use
> recovery disk to access image from network. (Preferred
> solution, because it will be easier to reinstall in future
> using this way.) 2. Take out the disk and use dd if= of=
> under linux (CDbased distribution, or put both HDs into
> another machine) to make a direct copy of the disk.
> Notes:
> 1. I know that for the computer to work on the network
> properly the netbios name and SID needs to be changed after
> the image has been copied.

Try sysprep

Disclaimer...   I got out of Windows administration in 2000 and all my
ghosting experience was with win '98.

The guys here at school have talked about sysprep and the laptop images, but
I have no persoanl expperience with it.

Regards...   Tom

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