[K12OSN] RE: OT-Samba/Win2k Problem

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Sun Feb 27 03:17:14 UTC 2005

Nevermind, I think I may have found the culprit:
Has anyone else had a problem with this patch?
How does one update samba?  yum update samba?  smb?


I'm having the wierdest problem trying to access my Linux (k12ltsp 4.2
and 4.1) samba shares from my win2k workstation.  I'm pretty sure the
problem is on the win2k end but I have no idea how to resolve it.

Has anyone run into this?  I have the samba shares mapped as G and H
drives.  I have reconnect at logon checked.  When I start up win2k it
tries to connect but gives me a "incorrect user name or password" error
box.  I type in the user name/password and I connect just fine.  I've
reset the "connect as different user" thing a thousand times and it
never fixes this.  The second problem is that once I get the H and G
drive mounted I can only access them through programs.  If I do a "save
as" in a program I can save a file to the server, or I can right click
in the window and create a new file or folder, but I can't drag and drop
anything into directories on the server.  This is really bizarre and
driving me up the wall.  Has anyone seen these symptoms before?

Any help would be appreciated, including a steer towards a more
appropriate forum.


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