[K12OSN] Modify User Quotas

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon Feb 28 20:28:11 UTC 2005

>   [root at ...]# setquota -u templeuser 200000 500000 1000 5000 /home

Could you break down for me quickly what each value is for?  I am
guessing they are as follows

200000 Block Limit Soft
500000 Block Limit Hard
1000 File Limit Soft
5000 File Limit Hard

I currently don't use file limits, I let that stay unlimited as long as
they are withing their block limit.  Is there a reason not to do this?
I also only currently run quota on /home.  So if I want to set everyone
to 200000 Block Limit Soft and 1200000 Block Limit Hard I would do the

[root at ...]# setquota -u templeuser 200000 500000 /home
[root at ...]# edquota -p templeuser `awk -F: '$3>500 {print $1}'

Then I just need to manually change my staff?

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