[K12OSN] Lots of Linux at eSchool in Hawaii

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Mon Feb 28 21:03:18 UTC 2005

I am giving the following 5 presentations during our eSchool conference 
in Hawaii the next few days.  If you sat in one of these, what would you 
be disappointed not to see me cover.  In other words, if there is a 
biggy that jumps out at you under any of these topics, please let me know.

I hate slides, but they must be done.


10:30-11:30 Using Linux and OSS as a Career Pathway for Hawai'i's High 
School Graduates

1:30-2:30 How To Setup Your Own Linux Lab in One Hour

3:00-4:00 Internet Cafe and Learn About the Linux Environment

Wednesday March 2, 2005

10:00-11:00 Linux and K-12 Standards Compliant Education: A Look at the 
Applications for Students and Teachers

11:30-12:30 Linux Lab Management for Teachers

The conference site is here


Aloha and Mahalo


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