[K12OSN] failure to mount Netware volume

Aaron Woehler awoehler at woehler.us
Mon Feb 28 23:32:58 UTC 2005

Make sure that you have the correct permissions for ncpmount I believe 
they should be 700.
I had a similiar problem and had to dig through the source files to get 
the message for the error which I believe was the same as yours.

I used the following website as my guide to get it running.


Burt Carter wrote:

> I am having trouble getting my LTSP machine to mount the user’s home 
> directory after authentication.
> This is really holding me up and I cannot continue until I get this 
> resolved. I am getting the following message when I tail /var/log/secure
> /var/log/secure
> ---------------------------------
> [root at RHN ncpfs-2.2.4]# tail /var/log/secure
> Feb 28 13:33:57 RHN pam_ncp_auth[2786]: running as student 
> "/usr/local/bin/ncpmount -U .student.HSMS.BOE -
> symlinks,exec -u 2001 -c 2001 -d 0700 /home/s
> tudent/nwhome"
> Feb 28 13:33:57 RHN pam_ncp_auth[2786]: /usr/local/bin/ncpmount 
> finished with error 51

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