[K12OSN] USB Flash Drives

Calvin Park linuxsys at davisny.edu
Thu Jan 6 16:29:14 UTC 2005

More than happy to help:


You'll also need to scripts that aren't even mentioned on the wiki. I
can give you the scripts. Do you have AIM? If not I'll just email the
scripts to you if that is acceptable. 


On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 08:43 -0700, Joshua Sanders - ISM Manager wrote:
> I have not had any luck with USB access locally, in fact I responded because
> I am working on getting CD access locally and not having very good luck with
> that one... you said you had it in your email, and was wondering if you
> could point me in the right direction.
> Joshua 
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> Hi all,
> We're getting ready for our spring semester to start here and I'd like
> to have the ability to plug in a USB flash drive to a terminal and
> access it. I've just recently got CDROM access working. Anyway...I've
> looked at the wiki but I don't want to use mtools and I tried Ron
> Baughman's method but it doesn't seem to work for me. 
> So, does anyone have any idea how to get local USB support working
> (perhaps expand on Ron's excellent wiki article?) I also have a second
> idea that might work. I could run a USB extension from the server itself
> and into a USB hub in our lab room. However, when I do this users cannot
> access the storage device that is plugged into the server. I get a
> permissions error. So, alternatively, is there any way for a normal user
> logged in at the terminal to have access to a USB drive plugged into the
> server? This is new territory for me so if anyone could even just point
> me in a direction to go that'd be helpful. 
> Thanks in advance. 

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