[K12OSN] K12LTSP sits at the Grown-Up Table

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Tue Jan 11 01:53:50 UTC 2005

Starting this weekend we will be showing the world, sort of, just how 
ready the LTSP, as packaged in the form of the K12LTSP, is for 
enterprise computing.  You see, in organizing our fundraiser disguised 
as a conference


I approached a venerable organization, the PTC, about promoting us.  As 
it turns out, they really wanted to use Linux for the Email Garden this 
year.  As a result, they have provide our volunteer group Sponsorship 
status for providing 30 clients.  We pay nothing, we make nothing, but 
the PR seems special.

The kind of people who will be using them are


Admittedly this is not the audience we all care about with respect to 
improving education.  However, the awareness and the resources must come 
from somewhere, and we intend to plant seeds of change with the 
delegates.  If one of these companies is from your state, perhaps this 
can ultimately lead to support of your respective community as they 
better appreciate the "value proposition" of Linux, OSS, and thin-client 

I of course invited Jim and Eric and Warren (fedora), but schedules do 
not permit.  We will be printing out flyers, though, and I am eager to 
voice our collective words, if possible.

Using the K12ltsp and the LTSP logos, does anyone care to take a crack 
at creating a page for the flyer that would effectively communicate what 
we are all doing with Linux?

Technically speaking, we will be using 4.1.1.  The list's own Steve 
Hargadon is loaning us the server to add redundancy to the loaned Sun 
amd64 box we have.

To Do

1. Each computer will auto login.
2. Each computer will have reduced icons
3. Each computer will have a web browser icon on the desktop, and we 
will set the default page to their Outlook Exchange Server.
4. We need to have some logos randomly appear as screen savers.

Is there any reason to believe, once I get started on these tweaks, that 
we will have trouble doing this with 4.1.1?  Has anyone done this that 
will help?

I am starting with this information





Your suggestions and help are needed.  I am at your service in making 
this meaningful for all of us.



R. Scott Belford
The Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation
PO Box 392
Kailua, HI 96734
808.689.6518 phone/fax
scott at hosef.org

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