[K12OSN] App Server (Was: I need to make Flash workfaster....wannapitch)

David H. Barr david at okgoodwill.org
Thu Jan 13 17:42:22 UTC 2005

Typically at more than 3 you start to see diminishing returns.  Or at least that's been my experience.


Around Thursday, January 13, 2005 11:32 AM,
Jim Kronebusch (mailto:jim at winonacotter.org) wrote:
>> Just tried the app server howto from my laptop to my
>> workstation, and it works, though my 54Mbit Wireless are to
>> slow to handle OpenOffice, the 100Mbit Ethernet did it much
>> better but how will it go when i run with 10~15 klients
>> against this appserver?? Will i need to go for 1Gbit to the
>> AppServer?? 
>> I can see on the "Server" that sshd utillisizes 5-7% cputime
>> when i open a menu in oowriter will it end as a bottlenec??
>> The howTo
>> http://k12ltsp.howtoz.net/k12ltsp/appserverI.htm
> Look into using Intel Pro NIC's and adaptor teaming.  Whether you are
> using 1GB or 100MB NIC's this should be helpful in releaving future
> network bottlenecks to the server.  I run on my server Intel Pro
> 1000's 
> with ALB teaming if at all possible.  It will take a little messing
> around the first time to figure out the process but isn't too bad
> after 
> that.  As far as I know the amount of NIC's you can team is endless
> (limited of course only by PCI slots and common sense).

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