[K12OSN] Samba and Windows,

Ben May server at benmay.org
Thu Jan 13 10:36:01 UTC 2005

Hello Everyone,
I have just installed 4.2.0  and when it come to samba, i have a problem 
i can seem to fix.
I am not sure if this is a windows or samba issue.
before when  a user goes on their windows machine to 
\\server\theirusername like ben
so \\server\ben this would bring up a password box to login to server, 
before i just typed in my username and then password and away i went, 
into  'bens' home dir. Now when i type in \\server\ben i cant change the 
password from 'SERVER\guest' I cant remember what i had the server mode 
on, share, user etc. a still have alot of public shares that i want to 
keep active.

BEn May

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