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Fri Jan 14 22:52:02 UTC 2005

look over bhaskar mandas alternate dhcp article on ltsp.org..i use
alternate dhcp port 1001 but  romomatic has provision for port 1067..Or you
could use windows dhcp with options 17 66 67 to provide boot path root path
next-server if you don't have isa nics
so i use a single nic server which passes addresses in arange excluded in
windows on alternate port..chuck 

> I'm currently running into a problem with the option broadcast-address. 
> The current situation is that we are running our server in a classroom 
> and then a client in another classroom. The problem is that the server 
> and client must communicate using the school's prebuilt windows network. 
> Is there a possible solution to this or do we have to run the client and 
> server on a seperate switch/series of hubs than the main school server?
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