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Thanks.  I had seen the 'spatial nautilus' issue/flames. I am on the other side on this one  ;) , but it really shouldn't matter.  It whatever you happen to be used to.

A bigger issue for me is the (for me) byzantine way that the directories/menu entries/etc are set up and managed.  Probably because of  my Windows background, the Explorer way seems very clear about who sees what in this respect. 

Your link to the sys-admin-guide is very useful and I will use Chapter 2 to try and figure it out.  Gnome could have made it easier to find instructions for a user without putting the information in a developer's guide. Then again, the developers are so busy with this massive package that I am grateful they put it anywhere.

It is probably very straightforward once you have done it a dozen times.

Again, thanks!

Dave Hopkins

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> On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 17:57 -0500, Dave Hopkins wrote: 
> > Okay, this is OT, but ... after upgrading to 4.1, double clicking the 
> > home folder opens Nautilus in some reduced view (just icons, no address 
> > bar, ...). Right clicking and picking Browse gets the view I was 
> > expecting. This is a change from how RH9 was launching the File 
> > browser. How do I get the old behavior back? Better yet, is there a 
> > way to define (per user or system-wide) what file browser is launched 
> > when the home folder is double clicked? 
> There was a spat a while back about all that when gnome 2.6 or 2.8 came 
> out which introduced "spatial nautilus". Google that and find the flame 
> wars. My understanding was that GNOME usability studies found that "each 
> folder is a window" was a clearer metaphor than the browser. I happen to 
> like it. YMMV. To change behavior, per user: 
> 1. Preferences 
> 2. File Management 
> 3. Behavior tab 
> 4. Check the "Always open in browser windows" 
> I'm not sure about doing it system-wide, though I'm sure there's a gconf 
> key to tweak. Just looked; take a look at the "always_use_browser" key 
> in: 
> /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/apps/nautilus/preferences/%gconf.xml 
> This is the part where I complain about the difficulty in mere mortals 
> altering GNOME default settings or defining mandatory settings. The 
> GNOME administrator's guide has some useful information: 
> http://www.gnome.org/learn/admin-guide/2.6/system-admin-guide.html 
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> Dan Young 
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