[K12OSN] Changing an IP in a printer NIC

Timothy Legge tlegge at rogers.com
Thu Jan 20 02:35:21 UTC 2005

 --- "John P. Conlon" <jconlon1 at elp.rr.com> wrote: 
> My school was recently donated two HP 8000 Laserjet
> printers.  They have 
> the IP addresses in their NICs from the networks
> they were on.  We can't 
> get the printers to install on our local internal
> network.  The printers 
> ar set at 155.148.66.x and our internal network as
> set by out district 
> is all 10.55.x.x   These printers are going to be
> placed on our network 
> outside the LTSP servers connected to the school's
> switches so that the 
> Windows machines can use them also.
> Can someone explain in fair detail how we can get
> the IP addresses changed?

Take a look at:



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