[K12OSN] Re: Exam Generator Programs

Dave Prentice prentice at instruction.com
Tue Jan 25 01:10:36 UTC 2005

To anybody interested in test generating programs,
    I emailed Pearson Education, the source for the TestGen and
TestWorks programs used for many subject areas. Here is the

>Hi Dave -- We currently have no plans to produce a Linux version, but
I will pass your request on to the >Pearson Education TestGen project
manager to consider for the future. I know that Linux is very popular
in >some areas and in some disciplines, so if we get enough requests,
we might be able to produce a Linux >version. (Tamarack would love to
do this, but we work with Pearson Education and mainly focus on the
most >critical needs for the testing/assessment  market.)
>We appreciate your feedback and will consider it in our overall
development plans.  Thanks.
>>"Dave Prentice" <prentice at instruction.com> writes:
>>Dear SIrs,
>>    I am a high school teacher who uses Linux in my classroom
network, as do many other teachers. Are there >>any plans to release a
Linux-compatible version of your TestWorks software? You would have a
>>ready-made market among us frustrated teachers who see the
advantages of Linux.
>>Dave Prentice
>>prentice at instruction.com
>Carol Schultz
>Tamarack Software
>601 W. Golf Road - Suite 201
>Mount Prospect, IL  60056
>Phone: 847-439-7795   Fax: 847-439-7796
>Find us on the web at http://www.tamarack-software.com

She said if they get enough requests they might be able to produce a
Linux version. Anybody else interested?
Dave Prentice

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