RE[K12OSN] Content Management System ?

aust_txv at aust_txv at
Wed Jan 26 17:58:46 UTC 2005

Hi Sharon,
Moodle is awesome.  I use it for class content delivery, not a CMS, BUT it 
has great CMS tools.  The WYSIWYG editor is great and works in non-IE 
browsers.  The themes are easy to customize.  I am stuck in between moodle 
as a CMS and phpwebsite as a CMS.  Phpwebsite is slick and has a lot of 
built it functions.  I have also customized some of the RSS stuff to 
connect to another calendar system.  Both require a bit more server, than
plain .html sites.  Have you seen this     ?  On 
the linux web server side, in the past I compiled apache from the 
apachetoolbox project, but now I use XAMPP ( an Apache, PHP, MySQL 
pre-compiled binary distro)  with great success on RH 7.3.
Good Luck,
Tom Ventresco

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