[K12OSN] Bondi Mac booting ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 27 14:27:35 UTC 2005

> i am a little puzzled why you needed to ad a unique 
> XF86Config..using fbdev as an xserver mine just worked..i did 
> have to add unique XF86Config files for the oldworld macs..
> The thing we havnt tried is if the oldworld macs will work 
> with the new root file system.i know the new world will work 
> eith the old world root filesystem Skip built..
> btw: knowing nothing of macs qhat IS a Bondi??chuck

First here is an update as of this morning.  I have the following
booting from an iBook server:
Bondi iMac
Flat Screen iMac (I nicknamed them ET)
12" iBook (problem is display is the size of a 15" monitor leaving the
right and bottom cut 2")

The Bondi iMac and ET booted without a custom XF86Config no problem.
The iBook would start at all so I grabbed a working XF86Config from the
iBook server.  This allow startx to work but now I have a 15" display on
a 12" screen (no idea why since the config works fine on the other
iBook).  Every Attempt I make at changing the -hsync and -vsync or
refresh rate numbers yeilds me a diagonal screen.  

Bondi iMacs are the first generation of iMacs.  They called them Bondi
Blue but they look puke green.  To have these working for me is awesome.
Next summer I will have about 600 of these with 160MB of RAM to convert
to LTSP.

The best thing about all of this is it isn't too hard to setup (hell, I
even did it).  I will probably be asking some questions over the next
few days to help me figure out how to package this for easy
distribution.  I would like to see a script that just unpacks the tar.gz
and puts the files in all of the right places and then echos added
config options to exports and dhcpd.conf that are commented out by
default.  Then I can just accompany it with a simple readme explaining
where to remove comments from to activate things.

I have hundreds of 5200's and at least 50 5500's that we can't see to
get rid of.  Do you know if those will boot with the open firmware

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