[K12OSN] Bondi Mac booting ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Jan 28 03:11:59 UTC 2005

> "Support list for opensource software in schools." 
> <k12osn at redhat.com> on Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 9:01 PM +0000 wrote:
> >well the fruity bluegreen ones do have open firmware..the beige g3 do
> >not..i may take a stab at ruinin..errreimaging an ibook tomaoorew..i can
> >mount /dev/hda i am pretty sure i can dd to it..chuck
> OOH!  that'd be too cool!  We could have a Linux imaging system for 
> OS X and the laptops?  That'd be a big ace in the hole.....

Funny you guys mention that.  This is exactly what I was thinking today as 
well.  Why wouldn't we be able to make an /opt/ltsp/osx/ with a OSX 
directory structure to boot as a thin terminal.  This could open up a whole 
to potential for ltsp in the educational and business environments.  You 
could have an easy to use and highly supported operating system booting 
thin.  I wonder how Apple would see the licensing on that one?  Who cares 
for now.  Is it as simple as tarring up a running OSX machine that is set to 
Authenticate from a LDAP server and placing it in /opt/ltsp/osx/ and then 
setting up dhcpd.conf with the correct directory info?

Then I could ditch the whold OSX netbooting concept altogether and go full 
ltsp thins for 2 platforms!  We could even do the same approach as with 
Windows Term services and have a one screen load k12ltsp, and the other load 
OSX and use hotkeys to switch between them, very cool.

I did successfully boot today with this setup the following:
Powerbook G3 (bronze keyboard)
iBook Clamshell (Tangerine, Indigo, Blueberry_
iBook Snow (12" screen)
Bondi iMac
iMac G4 Flatscreen (ET)
iMac Indigo (still need working XF86Config for this one)

I think that the first Generation iMac G3 Bondi in 98 or so was the first 
Mac with open firmware, and anything after that date has it.  No beige 
machines do.  (I do suspect maybe a G3-All-in-One may though, will try 

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