[K12OSN] I _really_ need some help installing JMF...

Odin Nosen odin at myeye.mine.nu
Sat Jan 1 10:07:52 UTC 2005

I can understand why this is not working. I've downloaded JMF (installed them in /opt/ -
with correct chmod) and set these systemwide variables:


When I run the diagnostics it just tells my (both from Mozilla and FireFox):

Java 1.1 compliant browser.....Maybe
JMF classes.....Not Found"

...which according to the diagnostics page means that "JMF classes are not included in
the CLASSPATH environment variable. Please make sure the CLASSPATH points to jmf.jar
that comes with your installation."

Aargh... what am I doing wrong?!

"?" from Odin

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