[K12OSN] print management + on confirm print

Ramon ramonklown at pop.com.br
Mon Jan 3 10:11:08 UTC 2005

Yes, thank you guys. This is what I wanted, sounds perfect. I will probaly put it
into play in the next couple of weeks.

>> http://localhost:631/admin
>> On the top menu click Printers.
>> Then stop the printer in question.
>> Once the printer is stopped folks can print but the jobs will stack up in the
>> que.
>> Click on Jobs and you can cancel or hold print jobs in que for the various
>> printers.
>> Then you can start the printer and what ever is not held or canceled will print.
> Yes, or the KISS method.  Just take the printer off-line, then you can
> look at the jobs just by opening the print manager and you can see
> what jobs are there and who sent them, and delete any unauthorized
> before putting the printer back on-line.
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