[K12OSN] openoffice installation cd's

Rob Owens robowens at myway.com
Tue Jan 4 11:09:26 UTC 2005

I've installed OpenOffice on plenty of Windows machines without Java.  It gives a warning that "some features may be disabled" or something to that effect, but it will let you proceed.  It seems to work fine for me.  I use it for basic wordprocessing and spreadsheets.


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Has anyone created a CD to give to folks that will install the full OO <br>suite WITH the java portions enabled, on a win32 system?<br>JRE of some sort needs to be installed first I believe?<br><br>If anyone has an .iso that they'd be willing to share or instructions on <br>how to achieve, I'd appreciate it!<br><br><br>--Huck<br><br>_______________________________________________<br>K12OSN mailing list<br>K12OSN at redhat.com<br>https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/k12osn<br>For more info see <http://www.k12os.org><br>

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