[K12OSN] Floppy Woes

David Tisdell penguintiz at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 4 19:16:34 UTC 2005

Hi all,
I have a server that won't allow the clients to use
the floppy drive. I could have sworn I had it working
a few months ago. I know I had it working on another
LTSP server. I checked my lts.conf file and the
approporiate line is uncommented. When I use the
mtools gui interface to access the floppy, it shows
the following message:
can't open /dev/fd0: No such device or address
Cannot initalize 'A:'
There is a popup window that says "There is no floppy
in the drive"
In /var/log/messages it says kernel: end_request: I/O
error, dev 02:00 (floppy), sector 0
It is running k12ltsp 4.0.1
Any ideas? Thanks

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