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Re: [K12OSN] AMD64 K12LTSP

I have previous posts to this list regarding my requests for AMD64 support for K12LTSP. I would like to find out where the beta's are when they are ready, Eric.



Eric Harrison wrote:

Over vacation my laptop died. I bought a shiny new HP Pavilion zv5000
with an amd64 cpu in it. I should have some sort of K12LTSP/64 support
in the near future...


On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 10:27 -0600, Angus Carr wrote:

I am about to receive an amd64 machine. I am planning on running it for a few months as a workstation, then replace the current K12LTSP box with the amd64.

I know that there isn't a 64-bit distribution of K12LTSP, but I remember Eric H. saying he had it running on a few of his machines.

Where do I look for the list of packages to install manually on top of a 64-bit Fedora Core 3 install? I would like to compile the packages for myself and then I can upload them somewhere, if that's of use to anyone. I suppose in the end I would like to propose that we (collectively) maintain a set of amd64 packages for use. If there was enough interest, we could probably even set it up as a yum/apt repository so installation of k12LTSP/64 would be as simple as installing FC/64 followed by adding a line to yum.conf and doing a yum install k12ltsp.

Ok, I admit it, there's a lot of work to achieve the dream, but I am willing to do my part to get my own equipment up and running. Anyone else interested in K12LTSP on the amd64 platform?

Angus Carr.


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