[K12OSN] gigabit

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Jan 4 23:30:44 UTC 2005

Ascension Tech wrote:

>Hey All,
>I'm looking to upgrade our network to full gigabit (instead of just
>the backbone).  Will i see a major boost in performance using gigabit
>even with the pentuims and 486's?
>Happy new year!

Negative.  The clients don't benefit from anything beyond 100Mb. 

What does matter is that your server has Gigabit or faster, and that the 
server's plugged into a Gig-E switch port.  Matter of fact, if you have 
Gig-E NICs that support being ganged together in an EtherChannel link, 
you can put two or three Gig-E NICs in your server and actually support 
30+ people running TuxType simultaneously.  It's all about server bandwidth.

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