[K12OSN] {Spam?} Opportunity

Tim Kaldahl tkaldahl at maplewoodacademy.org
Wed Jan 5 23:43:27 UTC 2005

I am helping put a tech coordinator's meeting together for all of the I.T. in 
the Seventh-Day Adventist School system in at the end of this month. (Is PAA 
sending you Huck?) My main contribution is going to be to set up a K12LTSP  
Demo. I happened to mention this to my CDW Rep who is also going to be there, 
and he is excited about the possibility of putting together a package that 
schools could just buy and have a turnkey network, as well as a list of specs 
that would go on our extranet for the more adventurous who would build from 
scratch. I want to make sure I do this right, so I asked if he could possibly 
bring a thin client to demo the K12 system.  What could you recommend as a 
thin client? CDW of course is interested in selling them, so the rep asked if 
the HP T5300 would work. Since it comes pre-loaded with WinCE I'm doubtful, 
but you would know better than I. 

For my demo I am going to be using my Toshiba Laptop (currently running Vector 
Linux) with 512megs to boot two older laptops (that also work well with 
Vector Linux). I am going to be very brave and see if one of the people in 
the audience would be willing to try pxe booting their laptop just to show hw 
great it is. I am open to (and seeking) any advice from the collective wisdom 
of this group on do's or don'ts for this demo.


Tim Kaldahl
Maplewood Academy
I.T. Coordinator
tkaldahl at maplewoodacademy.org

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