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Calvin Park linuxsys at davisny.edu
Thu Jan 6 13:55:11 UTC 2005

My biggest bit of advice to you regarding any demo (and this may seem
obvious) is to do a complete run through or two prior to the real thing.
Make sure everything works in as close to the actual environment as you
can get it. I once sat in a demo where a nice guy put on a demo
concerning CUPS...when he hit the print button and was like "So, you see
it's a fairly easy process" (thats a paraphrase) the screen displayed an
error at him. He turned bright red and it took him 5-10 minutes to fix
it while we sat there (and some people left). 

So, the best advice I could give is to be sure that everything works,
that you've done it a hundred times over. Obviously, in any demo, things
could go wrong. But if you've run through it in a fairly close
approxomation to what you're actually going to be doing, it helps. 


On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 15:43 -0800, Tim Kaldahl wrote:
> I am helping put a tech coordinator's meeting together for all of the I.T. in 
> the Seventh-Day Adventist School system in at the end of this month. (Is PAA 
> sending you Huck?) My main contribution is going to be to set up a K12LTSP  
> Demo. I happened to mention this to my CDW Rep who is also going to be there, 
> and he is excited about the possibility of putting together a package that 
> schools could just buy and have a turnkey network, as well as a list of specs 
> that would go on our extranet for the more adventurous who would build from 
> scratch. I want to make sure I do this right, so I asked if he could possibly 
> bring a thin client to demo the K12 system.  What could you recommend as a 
> thin client? CDW of course is interested in selling them, so the rep asked if 
> the HP T5300 would work. Since it comes pre-loaded with WinCE I'm doubtful, 
> but you would know better than I. 
> For my demo I am going to be using my Toshiba Laptop (currently running Vector 
> Linux) with 512megs to boot two older laptops (that also work well with 
> Vector Linux). I am going to be very brave and see if one of the people in 
> the audience would be willing to try pxe booting their laptop just to show hw 
> great it is. I am open to (and seeking) any advice from the collective wisdom 
> of this group on do's or don'ts for this demo.
> Tim Kaldahl
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> I.T. Coordinator
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