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Re: [K12OSN] printing quotas...I need a solution

I use PyKota..and it rocks...was simple to install...works with LDAP as well as postgresql db's....
great support...and it's cheap to pay for =)
Jerome is very open to ideas and replies with solutions that usually include 'as mentioned in the documentation' =)

the only drawback I noticed is 2 days ago I added a color laser printer to a lab...
price per page is $00.50...
all students allowed to print on other printers 100 pages per quarter(black'n'white)...
so I was using 'page quota'(page count) instead of 'account balance'(dollar amount)
In order to charge the 50cents per page on the color printer I have to use 'account balance'
But...the 'account balance' is per user...not per printer...thus... I give $1.00 when they start the quarter...
they can print the 100 sheets on a black/white or...they can print twice on the color =)
if they print twice on the color they can no longer print on the black and white =(
It would be better(not easier to code I'm sure) if each individual had account balances on each printer.

And over Xmas vacation, a contributor coded up a web-based account management tool available here:


I will say that if you are using Debian it's a much easier install and you get
some more nifty bells and whistles like the 'onscreen quota' thing...
see last screenshot on this page:


It's been a blessing in any effect.


Robert Arkiletian wrote:

David Trask wrote:

I know this has been tossed around before so pardon me for bringing it up
again, but I need help. My printing situation is out of control...I need
a solution not only for K12LTSP, but for the entire network...Windows, OS

I have not tried PyKota but it's the only software that I know of for this purpose


Hope it helps.

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