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[K12OSN] printer quota stuff

Message from Jerome from PyKota to those on mailling list:

Hi there,

I'm very pleased to announce you that today (well, this week at least)
is the second anniversary of PyKota.

Work on this software began at the very start of January 2003, with the initial import onto Savannah's CVS system on February 5th 2003.

So it's time for some statistics :

- 146 members in this mailing list.
- 105 subscribers to PyKota Official packages, 20 of them
having earnt their free subscription and/or some goodies by contributing to (or around) the project.
- 1723 messages posted to this mailing list.
- money raised so far :
* 135 CAD
* 605 EUR
* 612 GBP
* 990 USD
- at least five websites not under my control already provide informations or additionnal software about or around PyKota, and I know that more are planned.
- PyKota is now distributed as part of at least one general purpose GNU/Linux distribution (Gentoo), and of at least
two education oriented packages (Eole and Mille-Xterm).
During these two years, and especially since the beginning of 2004
and to the best of my knowledge, the PrintBill, PrintQuota, and
PQuotas software, which are "concurrent" to PyKota ceased to evolve,
at least for now.

Interestingly, at least four new Free Print Quota Software for *nix
like systems were created during this period, three of them coming
from the same country, Brasil : IBQUOTA, 3LJCOTA, SGQI.

Overall, I consider PyKota to be a great success, and I want to
thank all of you, users, contributors, and sponsors, because without
you this software wouldn't be.

I wish you all the best for this new year.


Jerome Alet

Goodies available at http://www.cafeshops.com/pykota
pykota mailing list pykota librelogiciel com

That will pretty much sum up what else is out there and that sort of thing.

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