[K12OSN] Sound Not Working on my Linux Account

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Fri Jan 7 02:48:46 UTC 2005

I had a similar problem (one account works, others do not) and deleting a file labelled .esddsp_esddsp (or something similar) located in the account's home directory solved the issue.  However, you also will need the fix mentioned earlier regarding adding file  /tmp/.esd/socket . Just a shot in the dark.

Dave Hopkins

> Hi Everyone!
> In Hermon, we've just upgraded our Linux servers district-wide to FC2
> (4.1.1). We have managed to get sound to work on one of our terminals!
> However, I can't seem to duplicate the process on my Linux account. I've
> followed the steps from the web and:
> 1. The lts.conf file is correctly configured to ESD and works, because we
> have one Linux account that plays audio in XMMS correctly. (It's set to
> ESound, and in Multimedia Systems Selector, it's set to ESD. Works great!!
> But on my Linux account, and any additional acount tested on the same
> terminal can't play audio! When I go to Multimedia Systems Selector and
> choose ESD, I get the error "Failed to construct test pipeline for 'ESD -
> Enlightenment Sound Daemon'". What gives?
> There must be some setting in my account that I am missing. One accoun
> works (on the same terminal), but mine doesn't. Where do I go to turn
> audio on? We use GNOME here.
> Thank You!
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