[K12OSN] Sound Not Working on my Linux Account

k12ltsp k12ltsp at hermon.net
Fri Jan 7 16:01:46 UTC 2005

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Thu Jan  6 2005 at 21:51 -0500 wrote:
>I have sound in everything and I run nasd.  I too am using K12LTSP 4.1.1. 
>I chose not to use ESD as sound won't work in Flash if you do....and
>that's kind of important around here when using the internet for sites
>like Starfall.com or Brainpop.com....etc.  I also know that sound works
>fine in Helix and in RealPlayer 10.  Remember...sound won't work for
>"root"....but should work fine for everyone else.  Just curious...why are
>you using Gnome as opposed to IceWm?  I found Gnome to slow things down
>WAY too much as opposed to IceWM, but maybe you've found a better way? 
>Can you post your lts.conf for folks to help troubleshoot?  

Hi David!

Thanks for your email. We would love to get sound to work in Flash too.
Actually, we will need NASD to work anyway because it looks like Citrix is
built to use OSS (NASD). I tried your advice and switched over to NASD,
and it worked! For the first time, I got audio on Citrix, and RealPlayer
worked. All the games had sound too! 

There's only one problem though. I couldn't get the same results using
NASD in gnome, even after switching the settings to OSS. We haven't
exprienced any slow results using Gnome here. I looked on the internet and
I found information for the reverse:

How to get NASD to work in ICEWM with some modifications when it works
perfect in Gnome. I'm guessing a previous iteration of Linux used to have
this problem.

However, do you know right off by chance how to get NASD to work in Gnome?
I'm presuming it's just a matter of turning on an option somewhere or
creating a socket file.

Take care and I hope things are going well there in Vassleboro! (Did I
spell that right?!)

Alan Owen
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