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Re: [K12OSN] problem with classroom-user and animation

Luca Navone wrote:

Every time that a client make the login the server respond something of this kind: "you are already connected, do you want connected another time?"
I answer yes every time and every client display the desktop of the classroom that I wish. Perfect? No, because now start the problem: if I launch openoffice writer on pc n°1 it open a session on pc n°1 but if also pc n°2 launch openoffice writer there will be another session on pc n° 1. If also all the seven clients launch openoffice writer all the session are opened on pc n°1.
Could be a solution? It is not very easy administrate 260 or more children, and it is not useful...

2) The second problem. The animation. I am amazing because a big and fat program as openoffice or mozilla starts in few seconds (from a client) and works fine and a more simple program as tuxmath works with a slowness that make it unuseful. I tought the problem was the hub and so I tried to connect only one client with the server with a cross-cable, but the problem was quite the same. The velocity on the client was 1/10 of the same program on the server.
Are there some tricks for make faster this kind of programs? In a primary school they are very important....

Thanks for the help!

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#1 with webmin 260 children is very easy to administrate as you can add them all at one time with a simple text file

#2 the animation is intense compared to open office or mozilla...and if you plan on running tuxmath on more than 1 or 2 clients you really MUST use a switch that takes GIG-E from the server to the clients...
CPU and RAM intensive also...so if you are running a mediocre(not that great) of a server then you are likely to see problems...and if your server only has a 10/100 network card you can pretty much forget about it.

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