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Re: [K12OSN] 4.2 freeze-up

What are the configurations of each client? Server Configuration? Type of Lan
(etherboot? pxe?)? Switch? how many pcs on client and server?

You might want to try to download k12os 4.2.0 instead of upgrading and install a
fresh install. (if you home directory is not separate make it separate now and make
other things separated)


> I am experiencing my first system freeze since I installed k12ltps.  recently, all
> my workstations froze; the mouse worked on all of them, but nothing else.  I had to
> power down the server by turning off the cpu; the shutoff and reboot buttons could
> not be clicked.  I'm wondering if there is some sort of maintenance that I have not
> been performing on my server over the last few months that would gradually slow it
> down, such as deleting cache.  I have deleted cashe and history on web browsers.
> Many of my clients have less than the desired amount of ram, but it seems to be
> much slower since I upgraded to 4.2.  Any ideas? Thanks!
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