[K12OSN] Mozilla hangs on Flash-enabled sites!

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Sat Jan 8 03:35:17 UTC 2005

> I'm running 4.2.0 on all our servers and we're not having troubles with
> flash. A long time ago... flash would freeze but that was before version
> 7 came out.

I have RH9 (K12LTSP 3.1 release), and need to upgrade, but didn't want to do so mid-year. 

> Let's be sure you're using the latest software. Here's what we're using:
> [pnelson at veronica ~]$ rpm -q mozilla
> mozilla-1.7.3-17
Not at the school, but from memory:

Mozilla reports 1.7.5 and flash-plugin-7.0.25 (I reinstalled both)

> I'm using http://macromedia.com to be sure it works. If you have a URL
> for a site that crashes, send that along and we'll give that a try too.

It was crashing on any site that used flash (e.g. comcast.net, macromedia)

However, disabling  esd (REMOTE_SOUND_HACKS=NO), and restarting all the thin clients seems to have alleviated the situation.  As the note says, this can cause stability problems.  Of course, I am now back to no sound at the clients.

There is still some weirdness with the keyboard keystrokes not being displayed at the login prompt until the mouse is moved, but I'm thinking this has to be related to gdm (from posts to ltsp list).

Again, all of this seems to be telling me it is time to upgrade the OS.  As much as I would prefer to wait, I'll be at the school this weekend and will try to upgrade a system I can afford to 'lose', then go from there. 

Thanks for assistance.

Dave Hopkins


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