[K12OSN] Sound continued...

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Sat Jan 8 07:40:48 UTC 2005

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Trond [iso-8859-1] Mæhlum wrote:

> This seems to be a hot topic these days. I also have sound now, I get
> the best results with nasd. But I can't get mplayer to work with nasd.
> There is no nas option in preferences. Some url about nas said that
> mplayer had native support for nas, but it does not show as a possible
> audio out. There is an esd option though, which works, kind of.
> It works with mplayer, but not gmplayer...Can anyone help me with that
> one? If I use the gui and choose the file It plays the first tone and
> freezes. With mplayer from the command prompt it works fine.
> In wine I cannot get any sound at all. Does anyone know of a trick
> there?

If you are using nasd, you can try adding this to /etc/sysconfig/k12ltsp


I've never tried this, I have no idea if it works or not.

> What exactly does the sound hack in 4.2 do? I thought it would keep
> the /tmp/.esd/socket in place, it does not. I have just changed it from
> no to yes. I have not run any scripts after that, should I have?

You mean "REMOTE_SOUND_HACKS=YES" in /etc/sysconfig/k12ltsp? Currently
that only changes the behavior of esd, it preloads the libesd and
libesddsp libraries (similar to how nasd preloads libaudiooss).

The /tmp/.esd/sock "hack" is set by adding this to /etc/sysconfig/k12ltsp


> It seems to me that most success stories with sound comes from using
> nasd. I know that in Norwegian Skolelinux (Debian Woody) it works with
> nasd, but it requires libaudiooss to use oss as the sound server with
> nasd.
> I have found libaudiooss and downloaded it, but make fails. Is there an
> rpm somewhere?

libaduiooss should already be installed, it is part of the ltsp_esound_server

 	$ locate libaudiooss


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