[K12OSN] BackupPC

Mark Cockrell cockrell at honeygroveisd.net
Wed Jan 12 00:19:15 UTC 2005

> How do you handle outlook.pst files since they cant be backed up while 
> open. Also with windows xp machines it is not so easy to give the 
> correct permissions to access each users profile dir in doc & settings 
> without opening there work to the world ?
> Regards
> Dean 

I don't touch Outlook (shivers).  While I don't disallow it, I consider 
it an "unsupported application", which means that anyone who chooses to 
use it is on their own for backups.  As for the user profiles, Windows 
NT domains have a special user group called "Backup Admins" that have 
read (but not execute) access to everything.  So, the user set up in the 
BackupPC config can grab a copy of everything. At least, I haven't found 
anything yet that was a problem.


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