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Re: [K12OSN] BackupPC (a complement to it, g4u) (as well as UDP cast)

I find UDP-CAST a great time saver to blow an "image" to multiple PC's in one go..
works for Linux,XP pro,Win98 etc as long as the hardware is same(easier) , just a PC name change and your good to go..
I find it usefull when I have 30 Xp PC with no Active directory server to control policys ie only using Gpedit.msc locally to limit user access.

A few tips
just prepare one clean machine install all apps etc with updates licensing etc ..
do a standard defrag, not a Nortons optimise disk, UDP cast only images the start of a Nortons optmised disk?
The Cdboot option is far better than slow floppies ..
start the "sender" machine first then carefully add "reciever" machine to the job, I say carefully because once the "reciever" see's the sender machine
a prompt "hit any key to start the cast appears" dont hit a key untill you have added the last machine..easyier said than done..


Paul S

Since BackupPC doesnt do full restores i thought id give a tip about
something that can be a useful complement to it.

G4u or "ghost for unix" is an excellent imager for those workstation or
servers that just have to be get up and running in a couple of minutes
after a crash, or that strange setup that took a week to get to run

g4u is two BSD based boot disks that recognize most nics, atleast everyone
i have used it on. It makes a gzipped full archive of either the full disk
or individual partitions. The best of all and this is where it shines
compared to every other product i have tried, it backs up and restores
from your simplest of simple normal ftp server. This means you can do a
backup over a *DSL connection. Any standard ftp server will do just fine,
not a single modification is needed besides creating an account. It
handles every single filesystem and partition. I have restored 17
computers at once over a 100 mbit network and it took about 15 minutes.


Its worth a try at the very least.


Just a quick advertisement for BackupPC.  After Les Mikesell's frequent
recommendations of BackupPC, I decided to give it a try.  For anyone
else out there who might have been saying "Hmm, I may look into that
some day.", do it now!  It's an amazingly effective and simple product.
I'm seriously considering chunking my $4000+ HP tape system now.  For
half of that I put together a big, fat RAID array and am now getting
over 10 times the storage capacity (thanks partly to BackupPC's pooling
system), and it's much faster to boot.  I can't say enough good things
about it.

Pamela Anderson Lee is Canada's Centennial Baby, being the first baby born
on the centennial anniversary of Canada's independence.

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