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[K12OSN] vncviewer -via [was Java issue here too (k12 4.1.1)]

Ah, I think I see the problem: -via is an option for the TightVNC vncviewer, and I've got RealVNC installed. I can manually remove the RealVNC package, and then download and install the TightVNC package; but is there a way to have yum or apt-get install the TightVNC, since I'm lazy? Which version shipped with K12LTSP 3.0.1?
(Eric, is there a list of packages and versions for each release on a website somewhere?)


Les Mikesell wrote:
On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 10:42, Petre Scheie wrote:

I think we've been down this path before, where I've suggested the ssh route and Les has pointed out the simpler and therefore more elegant vnc route.;-) I just tried the vncviewer method on my K12LTSP 3.0.1 box (the server is my desktop), but it says it doesn't recognize the -via option. What version is required for that option?

The oldest machine I can find (K12LTSP release 2.1.1-1) has
# rpm -q vnc
But that might have been an updated version pulled from freshrpms.net
back when RH 7.3 was getting updates.  I can't find one that doesn't
support -via.

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