[K12OSN] I need to make Flash work faster....wanna pitch

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Jan 12 14:22:29 UTC 2005

> Would it not make more sense to offload FF/Flash to a 
> dedicated app server?

That sounds like a better solution to me.  The whole local app thing
seems to contradict what LTSP is trying to accomplish (no local HD's or
moving parts, a "thin" client).  I think Gavin Spurgeon (sorry for
spelling) has a tutorial on setting this up that looks very simple
(haven't actually done it myself yet).  But the downside is I suppose
the hardware for local apps is laying around but you most likely don't
have another high end server.  I wonder how much of a machine would be
needed to just run a single app like FF/Flash for x amount of users.

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